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Also hi calmwind
I tell the docta, to take your picsha, so I can look at you from inside as well
Attention: ym

Very awesome job, all of you who were in for the first kill. (Benjy, Ryouko, Krinu, Brandon, Kaltio, Reason, Zombiestomp, Sparklefever, Mottle, Tohka) You dudes put in massive amounts of time and effort and really honored the Ruined name. Special thanks to Benjy for raid leading while he was solo healing. That takes a certain degree of patience and skill.

If the screenshot is shit quality, I'll fix it when I can.
Zyossqt a Ruined #1 5ever


Adyria a posted Feb 22, 14

I might have not been actually online for the kill, but I was there in spirit.

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