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Mythic Ko'ragh Dead

Zyossqt a posted 12 hours ago

See you in Foundry!

Zyossqt a @ady: ym
Adyria a @zyoss: How to take proper killshot: Scroll wheel to zoom in and then press print screen.
Krinu I hated this boss, FYI.

Mythic Butcher Dead

Zyossqt a posted Jan 19, 15

Whale, another boss is dead. We dolphinately gave everyfin we had for this boss, and it paid off with an early Realm 3rd kill! An over-whale-ming fight for us all, we waley worked hard and made shore that we orca-strated a good kill.

We had a whale of a time.

Renley These puns are amazing.
Storias the dialog is fantastic Zy
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